Our Story


How we got our start

The allure of capturing tangible emotions on film and the intricate process of bringing images to life through analog photography is truly captivating. Flashback Cameras emerged from Jeff Zimmerman’s lifelong passion for this art form. After an illustrious career building high-tech cameras for some of the world’s largest physics experiments, Jeff sought to reconnect with the roots of photography.

In 2023, he founded Flashback Cameras with a mission to preserve and celebrate the magic of film photography in the digital age. Our company specializes in restoring vintage cameras, sourcing rare film stock, and educating a new generation of photographers about the unique qualities of analog imagery.

We believe that in a world of instant gratification, there’s something special about the anticipation and craft involved in film photography. From the careful composition of each shot to the excitement of developing your own prints, we’re here to guide both novices and experienced photographers through every step of the analog journey.

At Flashback Cameras, we’re not just selling products; we’re cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the artistry, history, and tangible nature of film photography. Join us as we keep the spirit of analog alive, one frame at a time.

the Team

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Jeff Zimmerman
Miles Davis
Our Mission

Save Film Photography

Flashback Cameras embodies a heartfelt vision: to share the wonder of film photography, preserve the art, and honor the genius behind vintage cameras.